Interfacing LCD with Arduino

How to interface LCD with Arduino Uno ?Ans: Simple but need to know how it works !This post is all about showing you how to interface LCD with Arduino and code the Arduino to display the required message on it.So lets begin : You need to have all these components,
1. LCD.
2. Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano.
3. Jumper wires.
4. 10K Potentiometer. 
5. 220Ohms Resistance.
6. Connecting wires.

Circuit Diagram is,

When your using LCD of 16x2 then this is the connection, but when your LCD changes accordingly its connections are also changes. Code for Arduino,#include <LiquidCrystal.h>
LiquidCrystal lcd(13,12,11,10,9,8);
void setup()


void loop()
  int sd = 500, bd = 2000;
 lcd.print("  Unique Tech  ");
 lcd.print("    Designs.    ");
 lcd.print("Inspired by");

Basic IC Tester using Arduino Nano

Hi everyone---------------------------------- This post is about Basic IC Tester project using Arduino. It included with how to do Basic IC tester project using Arduino Nano or even with Uno.
Let me redirect you to original site of author, Click here to visit Author website. This post is all about how to make "Basic IC Tester Using Arduino Nano" and how to expand it to the next levels, So let me tell you basics of this project:
Basic :  This project is made with Dotted board design for custom connection with ZIF socket as IC base and Arduino Nano as Programming module. We can even use any other micro-controller series once we got to know that how this works.
Project : How this project is done ?This is explained here ( Click to see ). If your unable to access that link, No worries I have uploaded it in my web also, Click here to visit my website.
Videos : If your done with projects and these above links then you can watch my videos to know more about this, So Click here to see Pa…